ReadyOp DT – Android

Using ReadyOp DT

ReadyOp DT provides real time communication and radio access to the ReadyOp Dashboard. Before using the ReadyOp DT application on your device your Administrator will need to add your device to the ReadyOp system. For reference see Devices (Creating a Device) in the access section.


In order to access the ReadyOp DT application you will first need to login the same way when accessing the ReadyOp dashboard. The website address and User credentials for login (Username and password) are created by your system administrators.

The login screen will prompt you for your Username, Password and Agency #. This information can be provided by your ReadyOp systems administrator.

Screenshot: Login Screen
Screenshot: Login Screen


  1. To access the settings screen, start by tapping on “Settings” in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. In the settings screen you’ll have two options, the FQDN or IP of the server and your ReadyOp site name.
    1.  For more information on obtaining your ReadyOp server and site name contact your system administrator.
  3. At the very bottom edge of the settings screen you’ll also find your devices UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Your ReadyOp administrator will need your device’s UUID to authorize this device to connect to the ReadyOp system.
  4. Press “Save Settings” to save the changes to save your new settings.


The ReadyOp DT menu provides access to the various features accessible through ReadyOp DT. The menu button is located in the top-right corner of the application.


The feed is an encrypted real time communications feed that is sent to all online users in that particular agency. Including users logged in through the ReadyOp mobile applications. The feed messages are the same that can be found in the ReadyOp system with one exception.

Note: ReadyOp provides access to receive messages via the Feed, however, it does not provide the ability to send messages.


Photos provides access to images stored in the File Manager in the ReadyOp dashboard. All images in the “Dick Tracy/Photos” directory will be listed here for easy access.

To view a specific images, simply click the name of the images in the list of images. Once the image has loaded, you can then use your phones standard pinch to zoom and drag gestures to move and zoom the image.

Radio 1 &  Radio 2

ReadyOp DT provides simultaneous access to up to two radio channels at a time. To enable monitoring a radio channel, select either Radio 1 or Radio 2 from the menu. In the list of available radio channels that you have permission to listen on, select the channel you’d like to access.

Once you’ve enabled a radio channel, if you have permission, you can talk on the radio channel by pressing and holding the corresponding radio channel button on the right side of the ReadyOp DT application.

When pressing a radio channel to communicate, the button will change from White/Grey to Yellow, indicating that the device is communicating with the server to permit access to the channel. The button will then change to Red and the device will vibrate gently to let you know you are clear to begin speaking.

To disable a radio channel, simply select the first option (“Disabled”) in the radio list for the corresponding channel.

Snap and Send

This feature allows you to take a photo picture from your device and send it to the DT/Photos stored in the ReadyOp dashboard. All images listed here will be available for easy access.

Settings (Androids only)

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature leverages your phones existing satellite and wireless GPS system that provides your location in real time while you remain logged in through the ReadyOp DT App. You will have the option through the Settings menu option under GPS Tracking to enable or disable the GPS tracking feature.

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