Healthcare Communications

With ReadyOp, healthcare providers gain a simple, HIPAA-compliant means for communicating with patients, family member and other healthcare providers. ReadyOp can also be used to transfer patient medical information and status between multiple locations and between organizations, as appropriate. Hospitals, clinics, labs and doctor offices can easily transfer and exchange individual medical information between locations. Doctors and other caregivers can use ReadyOp to communicate directly with homebound patients, collaborate with other doctors and healthcare providers, and transmit and receive patient information and reports.

In the event of a disaster or epidemic, ReadyOp can be used as a secure, high-speed network for communicating between healthcare providers, first responders and other agencies.

Doctors and their staff can use ReadyOp’s secure voice, video and file transfer capabilities to support their telemedicine activities. Using ReadyOp for telemedicine offers considerable efficiency, time and cost savings as well as increased revenue and support opportunities for hospitals and clinics.