Command, Control and Communications

Voice, text, radio, video, security cameras and more in a single application

What is ReadyOp?

ReadyOp is a simple, innovative tool for efficiently and effectively planning, managing, communicating and directing activities within a single organization or in a unified command structure involving multiple organizations. Designed to handle the fast-paced, demanding communications challenges of Incident Command Response, ReadyOp’s flexibility supports daily, exercise and response activities for a single organization as well as unified, multi-location agencies and operations.

  • ReadyOp provides a secure web-based display for monitoring the activities and status of numerous individuals and teams, as well as providing multiple means of communicating with individuals and groups of individuals simultaneously.
  • Communications can be via cellphone, text, email, secure voice, and via radio to a single or multiple talk groups. Security cameras and video displays can also be accessed if available.
  • Data and information sharing is accomplished from most any Internet connected computer and smartphone, allowing access from most any location.
  • ReadyOp is secure and scalable to any size organization to support daily operations as well as incidents and emergencies. With a simple, intuitive user interface, ReadyOp provides a powerful tool for directing, supporting and communicating with many people. No other program offers the flexibility for planning, command, control and communications directly with the people and agencies involved in special events, readiness exercises, incidents and emergencies.

What are ReadyOp’s Capabilities?

  • Structure and store operational and emergency response plans and procedures.
  • Develop, post and maintain a roster of individuals and organizations with contact information, their planned roles and tasks.
  • Communicate instantly with any individual or group of individuals by cell phone, push-to-talk, chat, video, radio, text message or electronic mail from inside ReadyOp.
  • Communicate via multiple radio systems including simultaneous communications as needed.
  • Initiate multiple conferencing sessions instantly and simply with any group, selected ad hoc or organized into sub-groups, including persons from multiple agencies.
  • Maintain an efficient, searchable listing of available assets, their location and contact person.
  • Build a visual database of organizational teams including contact information, roles and responsibilities for each team member. Adjust the teams and team assignments on the fly as members arrive or depart a scene.
  • Immediately and easily share information such as photographs, videos, tasking updates, etc., with team members at any location via secure interface.
  • Plan, organize and conduct training exercises from multiple locations and with multiple agencies.

Why ReadyOp

Unlike other programs designed for supporting emergency response, ReadyOp focuses on simple, flexible and efficient communications with and between personnel in multiple organizations. ReadyOp directly addresses the issue of organized, effective command, control, and communications including inter-agency coordination. Collabria’s ReadyOp provides the tools to plan and train for incident response AND to effectively operate organizations day to day as well as in emergency response, mitigation and recovery.