Departments of Health

What is ReadyOp? ReadyOp is used by state Departments of Health, corporations, school districts, hospitals and government agencies nationwide at the federal, state and local levels. These clients all have the same issue – the efficient and effective way to manage and report daily operations as well as the ability to handle incidents and adverse situations. ReadyOp is the single platform that provides planning, daily operations, and incident response, all consolidated in a single, easy to learn and easy to use program. ReadyOp is a web-based, software as a service (SAAS), program that requires no new or on-site hardware or programming.

Many state Departments of Health, healthcare coalitions and large hospitals use ReadyOp as a web-based platform that provides a single, secure location accessible 24/7 from any location to consolidate plans, rosters, locations, assets, forms and more. Simple icons provide for immediate communication via text, call, email, alerts and unified notification with individuals, groups or teams. Forms can be shared with mobile devices for immediate situational awareness. Each organization has its own secure site to plan and to use for daily operations and for response to incidents. Plans and operations can be built and stored securely in ReadyOp on a by location, region and systemwide basis. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, pictures, report forms and other documentation can be securely stored yet immediately available from any location. ReadyOp also provides efficient planning and response for response to disasters and for continuity of operations (COOP) and recovery. ReadyOp is the COOP platform for multiple organizations including many federal agencies including the FDA.

Improved Operations and Response

ReadyOp enables users to communicate and interact quickly and efficiently with each other regardless of their location. ReadyOp is also a communications platform for directing and coordinating healthcare operations and response. We have several state Department of Health agencies as clients.

Below is a list of the primary uses of ReadyOp by these clients…

  • Secure Real Time Communication
  • Incident and Emergency Response
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Multi-Agency Response Coordination
  • Operational Notifications
  • Patient Tracking

  • Pandemic Response Supply Requests
  • Asset Management
  • Disaster Recovery, Resiliency
  • Volunteer Signup and Management
  • MRC Program Management
  • Continuity of Operations

Planning and Preparation

ReadyOp provides a single, secure location to consolidate incident and emergency plans, rosters, tasks, roles, groups and more. Each agency has its own secure website to plan personnel and roles, daily and emergency operations, callout teams and other groups that may be needed. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, report forms, claim forms and other documentation can be securely stored, yet immediately available to authorized persons. Exercises, incident management and the planning, response and command and control during emergencies are easier, more timely and more efficient.

Alerts, Notifications and Communications

ReadyOp provides multiple means for communicating with and between persons and agencies. Simple icons are used to initiate voice calls, conference calls, texts, emails, alerts, video and radio communications. Groups can be pre-identified for immediate notifications. Encrypted voice and video communications are launched via simple icons.

Command, Control and Coordination

ReadyOp provides a single, simple yet efficient platform for command and control during events including multi-agency interaction. Law enforcement, fire, emergency operation centers and others can be part of the same ReadyOp platform, allowing separate operations, yet with immediate information sharing, communications and coordination. All authorized users, regardless of their location, are immediately sharing the same information including situation reports, maps and video. This “same page” concept improves situation awareness, response timing and coordination, potentially saving lives, time and money.

Hospital Coalitions

ReadyOp is an outstanding platform for unifying multiple agencies in different regions and across state boundaries in case of a major accident or incident. Highway Patrols and other law enforcement agencies, mass transit agencies, military bases and local governments can be unified on a single platform to enhance incident command, notifications, radio interoperability, information sharing and more in their region. Communication and coordination among and between agencies is improved as all agencies are sharing the same plans, response and situation reports. ReadyOp is the one program designed for planning, ICS, response, communication and coordination for multiple agencies on a region-wide basis and has proven effective in multiple events.

Continuity of Operations

ReadyOp, with its secure web-hosted design, is not dependent on any location, server, group of servers or other supporting hardware. Agencies and users, via a connection to the Internet, can find and communicate with their agency and others as authorized from any location using any computer with Internet access. All tasks, documents, files, maps and other information can be stored securely in ReadyOp and accessible from any location with Internet connectivity. Communications and coordination are greatly enhanced with ReadyOp.

Operational Notifications

State DOHs must be ready to respond and handle many varied situations covering cities and counties statewide. ReadyOp is an efficient and effective tool for sending notifications to multiple agencies quickly and keeping those agencies informed as to the status of each event. Notifying city and county law enforcement agencies, fire, rescue, EMS, hospitals and many more agencies is simple and efficient with ReadyOp. ReadyOp is designed to handle notifications to multiple agencies and to keep those agencies informed throughout any situation.

Simple, Efficient

ReadyOp is designed to be simple, flexible, low cost and fast to implement – Users can be trained in minutes. We have spent hundreds of hours with first responders, government agencies, hospitals and others watching, discussing and reviewing their plans and planning process for incidents and emergencies. ReadyOp is simple and flexible, allowing for users to focus on resolving issues, incidents and emergencies.

No other program provides all of these capabilities, plus these important features:

  1. No New Hardware to Purchase
  2. No Software to Install, Update
  3. Secure access 24×7 from any Location
  4. Radio Interoperability
  5. Low Cost. Easy to Learn. Simple to Use