Gunshot Alert and Notification System

Active Shooter Response

Schools, government buildings, churches and corporate workplace locations are increasingly experiencing threats and actual active shooter emergencies. ReadyOp has developed a proprietary, integrated system that includes shot sensors, automatic messaging and visual displays of security cameras and dashboards with floorplans showing where sensors have been reported gun shots. The ReadyOp shot sensor program notifies designated first responders and other personnel within seconds of a gunshot at a location including the exact building and room number. As additional shots are detected, the displays and messages are updated, thereby providing first responders with the latest information and location. This saves time and greatly enhances situational awareness and response.

ReadyOp dashboards also support the response actions, coordination between responding agencies and the communications and reunification activities resulting from a shooter situation. Each school and location can have its own specifically designed program for planning, communications and response.

Family Reunification

One of the more challenging tasks during and following a major event such as a bomb threat or active shooter event is reuniting individuals with their family. Family reunification requires clear and complete communication, record keeping and control. ReadyOp is unique in that it provides specifically designed forms, multiple means of communications including radios, visual dashboards and automatic, secure record-keeping. Every year ReadyOp has shown its value and efficiency for helping reunite families and relatives following shooter situations, hurricanes and tornadoes