An Interoperable Solution for Schools

ReadyOp is used by schools and school districts, corporations, hospitals and government agencies nationwide at the federal, state and local levels. These clients all have the same issue – the efficient and effective way to manage and report daily operations as well as the ability to handle incidents and adverse situations. ReadyOp is the single platform that provides planning, daily operations, and incident response, all consolidated in a single, easy to learn and easy to use program. ReadyOp is a web-based, software as a service (SAAS), program that requires no new or on-site hardware or programming.

Schools and school districts use ReadyOp as a web-based platform that provides a single, secure location accessible 24/7 from any location to consolidate plans, rosters, locations, assets, forms and more. Simple icons provide for immediate communication via text, call, email, alerts and unified notification with individuals, groups or teams. Forms can be shared with mobile devices for immediate situational awareness. Each organization has its own secure site to plan and to use for daily operations and for response to incidents.


  1. Self Sign-Up, Registration
  2. Multiple Communication Options
  3. Single and Multi-Agency Response
  4. Maps, Pictures, Floorplans
  5. School Leadership Listing/Chart
  6. Incident Command
  7. Large Event Planning and Ops
  8. SitReps, Updates
  9. Radio Interoperability
  10. Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  11. Recovery, Resiliency
  12. See Something, Say Something
  13. Mass Casualty
  14. Mutual Aid
  15. Family Reunification
  16. Missing Children
  17. Incident Action Plans
  18. Logbook
  19. Daily Briefs/Updates
  20. Forms, Checklists, Reports


Plans and operations can be built and stored securely in ReadyOp on a by location, region and systemwide basis. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, pictures, report forms and other documentation can be securely stored yet immediately available from any location. ReadyOp also provides efficient planning and response for response to disasters and for continuity of operations (COOP) and recovery.

Often multiple first responder agencies and other organizations are involved in emergency response actions for school emergencies. This adds greater challenges for coordinating planning, response, communications and coordination. ReadyOp provides the tools and capabilities for schools and school districts including five key components especially significant for communications and coordination between schools and first responders in emergency situations:


ReadyOp provides multiple ways to communicate quickly and efficiently with single and multiple locations, individuals, groups, teams, vendors and others, including local agencies such as police, fire and utility companies.

Checklists and daily/weekly report forms can be created in ReadyOp to be used in the field for reporting status, inspections and updates. These reports can be completed using smartphones and sent to the company’s ReadyOp dashboard immediately and securely.


Situations Reports and other reports and updates can be distributed quickly via text, email and voice recordings/alerts.

Incident response is faster and more complete when the response actions are preplanned and stored in ReadyOp, including potential adverse public relations events.

Plans, Tasks, Checklists

Planned response tasks and checklists can be prepared and stored in ReadyOp for individuals or groups to accomplish based on the incident or emergency. Links to the checklists can be sent to the designated persons. Persons accomplishing the tasks can report accomplishing their checklist items, request support or assets, and update the command staff from their cellphone or laptop of any pertinent information. This immediate sharing of updates and situational status increases the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of response actions.


ReadyOp includes the ability to store and access documents quickly. Forms, pictures, maps, tasks, blueprints, emergency operations plans and more can be stored and available. Uploading files is fast and simple, and once uploaded, the documents are available securely 24 hours a day from any location by all persons with authorized personnel. Updates to files are simple and as soon as uploaded, are immediately available to all authorized users.

Site Plans

One of the most powerful features of ReadyOp for schools, government buildings and critical infrastructure is a unique feature in ReadyOp for active updates to situation reports and to site plans and floorplans. For example, a form can be created in ReadyOp for every school in a school district that includes the address, phone number and other important information for each school, plus a gridded picture of a satellite view and a floorplan. The grids are used to help positively identify and locate specific locations for faster, more immediate action, communication and coordination. Once each school’s form is complete, a link to the form can be texted or emailed to first responders that can be accessed from their cellphone or laptop. For more efficiency, a composite form with a link to every school’s plan in the district in a single form can be created and that link sent to the first responders, thereby providing each first responder with access to information on every school in the District via a single link. A key component is that the site plan, floorplan and any pictures can be updated during an event as needed to provide more information. The updated information is immediately available to anyone with the link. This site planning process is also used by city, county or state agencies, hospitals, utility plants and all critical infrastructure.


ReadyOp can be used to build a “Panic Button” and many other types of input and response capabilities such as a “See Something, Say Something.” Forms can be developed in ReadyOp and the link for entering and sending information, including photos and reports, can be sent to any person, even if they do not have access to ReadyOp. An example of forms used by other organizations include a form, a “Panic Button” form for immediate reporting of location and situation.

No other program provides all of these capabilities, plus these important features:

  1. No New Hardware to Purchase
  2. No Software to Install, Update
  3. Secure access 24×7 from any Location
  4. Radio Interoperability
  5. Low Cost. Easy to Learn. Simple to Use