Planning, Response, Operations, Recovery

ReadyOp is a proven platform for planning, communications, command, control and many other actions, including inter-agency and multi-agency, multi-location coordination. ReadyOp provides government agencies, hospitals, ports and airports, first responders, schools and companies with multiple planning, response and communication capabilities in a single, secure web application. ReadyOp has been in use for more than eight years and has earned a reputation for reliability, simplicity and effectiveness. ReadyOp is unique in its power and efficiency, yet is simple to learn and use and requires no new hardware to be purchased.

Emergency Management

  1. Self Sign-up, Registration
  2. Multiple Communication Options
  3. Single and Multi-Agency Response
  4. Maps, Pictures, Diagrams
  5. Leadership Listing/Chart
  6. Incident Command, ESFs
  7. Large Event Planning and Ops
  8. SitReps, Updates
  9. Radio Interoperability
  10. Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  11. Recovery, Resiliency
  12. See Something, Say Something
  13. Mass Casualty
  14. Mutual Aid
  15. Family Reunification
  16. Missing Persons
  17. Incident Action Plans
  18. Logbook
  19. Daily Updates/Briefs
  20. Forms, Checklists, Reports

ReadyOp is a web-based platform providing a single, secure location to consolidate plans, rosters, tasks, roles, groups and more. Each organization has its own secure website to plan personnel, roles, operational and emergency plans, teams and groups that may be needed. Joint, multi-agency plans and operations can also be built on shared ReadyOp sites for coordinated planning, response and command and control. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, pictures, report forms, claim forms and other documentation can be securely stored, yet immediately available. ReadyOp also provides efficient planning and response for the Department of Homeland Security’s Incident Command System (ICS).

Information Consolidation

ReadyOp is an information consolidation platform. Plans, diagrams, task orders, photos – just about any file can be stored and then easily accessible for persons with the proper security credentials in ReadyOp. Authorized users can have secure access 24 hours a day from any location worldwide. Unlimited storage. Simple upload and download. Each agency stores documents in most any format. Available 24/7 from anywhere – specifically.

Incident Command Structure IICS/HICS

ReadyOp provides multiple tabs for planning Incident Command System, organization charts, emergency support functions (ESFs) and grouping of personnel by location, agency, responsibilities or any other visual display. Task assignments, completions and updates are immediately available to all persons with access. Planning for large events, emergency response activities, continuity of operations is much easier, visual and ###

Command, Control and Coordination

ReadyOp provides a single, simple yet efficient platform for command and control during events including multi-agency interaction. Law enforcement, fire, emergency operation centers and others can be part of the same ReadyOp platform, allowing separate operations, yet with immediate information sharing, communications and coordination. Communication, tasking, reporting and coordination across single and multiple agencies is quick, easy and efficient.

Real Time Information Sharing

All authorized users, regardless of their location, are immediately sharing the same information including situation reports, maps and video. This “same page” concept improves situation awareness, response timing and coordination, potentially saving lives, time and money.

Continuity of Operations

ReadyOp is not dependent on any location, server or group of servers. Agencies and users, via a connection to the Internet, can find and communicate securely with their agency and others as authorized from any location using any computer with Internet access. All tasks, documents, files, maps and other information can be stored securely in ReadyOp and accessible from any location with Internet connectivity.

Visual Displays

Organizational charts, callouts, teams and other visual displays can be built on the organization’s ReadyOp site to facilitate response and communication. Visual icons are used to initiate communications quickly and efficiently. ReadyOp tabs can be used to depict organization charts, callout teams, triage sites and more.

Secure Video

ReadyOp provides a secure video capability to support on scene rescue efforts, medical assistance, translators and the hearing impaired. Triage sites and other locations can be assisted from any location via ReadyOp’s secure video. The video camera on laptops can also be used to securely transmit video from the scene of an accident or emergency, thereby increasing the situational awareness of the incident commanders in the active command post.

Single and Multi-Agency Response

The ReadyOp roster can be used to store the names and contact information for hundreds of thousands of persons. Tags can be used to easily identify specific skills and training. Situation reports, photos and other information can be quickly stored and accessed for improved situation awareness. Public Information Officers and others can coordinate for media release information.

Conference Calls

The ReadyOp roster can be used to store the names and contact information for hundreds of thousands of persons. Tags can be used to easily identify specific skills and training. Situation reports, photos and other information can be quickly stored and accessed for improved situation awareness. Public Information Officers and others can coordinate for media release information.

Radio Interoperability

The ReadyOp provides true radio talk group interoperability. Radio talk groups on different frequencies, in different locations and using radios from different manufacturers can be easily patched using ReadyOp’s radio over IP (ROIP) units.

Two Way Radio Communications with Laptops and Smartphone

The ReadyOp provides the ability to link radio talk groups that have different makes, models and frequencies, with laptops, computers and smartphones for true 2-way radio communications. ReadyOp DT provides authorized users the ability to communicate with multiple radio talk groups from their smartphone. ReadyOp DT also includes encrypted text and the ability to share and receive photos, maps and other important messages.


The ReadyOp enables users to design, build, send and receive forms for checklists, status reporting, asset usage, incident reports, windshield damage reports and more. Forms can be used to for SitReps and other status advisories, in both secure and public, non-secure forms. Asset requests, tracking, status updates and more can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Forms can be submitted securely by users from any location from their laptop or smartphone. Our clients use forms they have created in ReadyOp daily in their operations as well as for communicating and coordinating during large events.

Patient and Asset Tracking

The ReadyOp users are able to design and use specialized forms to match their operations including using the scanning and photo functions of smartphones. Our clients can customize forms for collecting information and securely reporting of patients, assets, volunteers and more. All information is sent to a single, secure site for each ReadyOp client for their use.

Access to Files, Forms, Maps

Every ReadyOp’s client has a Files tab that allows file to be uploaded quickly and securely, then be available to all authorized users at any time and in any location securely. Checklists, incident action plans, emergency response plans and more can be stored and available 24×7 to authorized users.

ESRI, WebEOC Interface

ReadyOp offers the ability to exchange information with other programs such as ESRI and WebEOC. By use of file interfaces, information can be entered in ReadyOp and automatically uploaded into other programs, allowing more efficient operations and information sharing.

Simple, Efficient, Reliable

ReadyOp is designed to be simple, low cost and fast to implement. Users can be trained quickly and easily retain their understanding and how to use of ReadyOp. ReadyOp offers many features and capabilities designed to support emergency management operations. For more information and to discuss specific capabilities, please contact us at

No other program provides all of these capabilities, plus these important features:

  1. No New Hardware to Purchase
  2. No Software to Install, Update
  3. Secure access 24×7 from any Location
  4. Radio Interoperability
  5. Low Cost. Easy to Learn. Simple to Use