Community Fusion

In a crisis situation, the leaders of a community – the mayor, police chief, fire chief and other leaders – need to be able to reach people within their own agency as well as the leaders of other organizations to communicate and coordinate disaster preparation activities, then recovery actions as necessary. Today that communication is almost exclusively by voice using either radios or cellphones. Time, money and lives are lost every year when personnel from different organizations are unable to communicate across agency boundaries.

ReadyOp is a web-based, secure application that provides fast, efficient interoperable communications beyond the voice capability of radios and telephones. ReadyOp combines multiple capabilities – voice, video, email, text, file transfers and radios – into a single user-friendly, yet powerful tool for desktops, laptops and other IP-enabled devices. Using the power of broadband connectivity, ReadyOp provides quick and efficient communications including sharing maps, status reports, plans, rosters and other important information.

Improved Communications with ReadyOp

Collabria offers community leaders and first responders a powerful communications capability:

Emergency Response. Stemming the severity of an adverse situation requires timely identification of the situation, then determining and communicating a coordinated response to a large number of persons who may be geographically dispersed. ReadyOp provides a unified, efficient, immediate communication platform to reach people, agencies and groups quickly regardless of their location.
Secure Real Time Collaboration. Officials can securely confer when needed or as desired using ReadyOp’s voice, video, text and file exchange. Personnel from different organizations can use ReadyOp’s multi-party conferencing conveniently from any location with an Internet connection, including nights and weekends.
Real Time Imaging. ReadyOp can be used to send and receive photos, documents and video immediately, providing greater situation awareness and coordination.
Disaster Recovery. ReadyOp communications can be made via wired or wireless connections to the Internet, including cellular and satellite connections.

Who should be connected via ReadyOp? Everyone, but at a minimum, here’s a partial listing of community leaders that should be included for easy access and collaboration:

  • Mayor/Community Leaders
  • Sheriff
  • Police Chief(s)
  • Fire Chief(s)
  • Emergency Medical Service(s)
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Schools and Universities
  • City Manager(s)
  • Local Hospital(s)Ports and Airports
  • County Agencies
  • Local Utilities
  • Large Employers
  • Transportation Companies
  • Non-Government Org’s
  • Adjacent Communities

Providing a secure communications link for these leaders can facilitate emergency response and recovery operations. Other leaders and organizations can be added at any time for planning and as needed.