ReadyOp Overview

ReadyOp provides government agencies, hospitals, first responders, companies and unified commands with multiple communication capabilities and options in a single, secure website. ReadyOp is designed to support daily operations, special event planning, incident management and emergency response and recovery:

Planning and Preparation

  • Structure and store operational and event plans, rosters and personnel
  • Develop, post and maintain a roster of individuals and organizations with contact information, their roles and planned tasks
  • Maintain a current listing of available assets including location and contact person
  • Tailor a visual display to organize event teams including full contact information, roles and responsibilities for each team member
  • Plan, organize and conduct rallies and other events in multiple locations and with multiple groups

Response, Mitigation and Recovery

  • Communicate quickly with personnel by cell phone, push-to-talk (PTT), secure voice, radio, video, text message and email
  • Initiate multiple conferencing sessions quickly and simply with personnel, selected ad hoc or organized into sub-groups, including persons from multiple agencies
  • Communicate via multiple radio systems and talk groups including simultaneous communications as required
  • Quickly and easily share information such as photographs, videos, tasking updates, etc., with personnel at any location via secure interface
  • Adjust personnel, roles and tasks as necessary
  • Adjust teams and team assignments “on the fly” as groups/members arrive or depart a location
  • Request and coordinate asset deployment with multiple individuals and organizations as necessary
  • Share and exchange news, reports, rosters, maps and more with other party groups by posting updates in the file manager or directly via multiple communications options
  • Document and notify personnel of plan and response updates and changes quickly and efficiently

Out-brief, Evaluation and After Action Report

  • Completion of actions and tasks documented with date and time
  • Communication sessions documented with time and date

ReadyOp is simple to learn and very easy to use. ReadyOp is a web-based application so no new hardware or software is required for access and use.