Supporting Response and Recovery

What is ReadyOp

ReadyOp is a secure web-based application that integrates multiple databases and a communications platform to support planning, response, command and communications for single agencies and unified commands. ReadyOp is designed for fast, efficient access to information, as well as the ability to plan, coordinate, direct and communicate with multiple persons, groups and agencies.


ReadyOp provides a single, secure location for emergency managers and planners to consolidate incident and emergency plans, rosters, tasks, roles, groups and more. Each agency has its own secure location to pre-plan Incident Command personnel and roles, emergency operations centers, callout teams and other groups that may be needed. Assets can be listed along with their location, person to contact and other information that may be needed. Diagrams, charts, maps, report forms, claim forms and other documentation can be securely stored, yet immediately available to authorized persons. Exercises, incident management and the planning, response and command and control during emergencies are easier, timelier and more efficient.


ReadyOp provides multiple means for communicating with and between persons and agencies. Simple icons are used to initiate voice calls, conference calls, texts, emails, alerts and more. Groups can be pre-identified or arranged ad hoc. All communications sessions are logged with a date and time stamp, including the names of all persons included. Single and multi-agency communications are initiated with ease, including multi-party, multi-agency calls, texts and emails. Encrypted voice and video communications are also available between ReadyOp users.

Simple, Efficient

ReadyOp is designed to be simple, fast to implement and users can be trained in less than five minutes. There is no new hardware involved – nothing to ship, nothing to install and nothing to integrate. We have spent hundreds of hours with first responders, government agencies, hospitals and others watching, discussing and reviewing their plans and planning process for incidents and emergencies. ReadyOp is flexible, allowing for users and groups to be added quickly. With its web-based platform, ReadyOp users with access to the Internet can continue communicate with almost anyone worldwide as needed. Logging and storing of all communications are automatic.

Our goal – to save lives, property, and time in daily operations and in emergency situations.